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How Often Should I Have My Piano Tuned?

Tuning a piano once a year will maintain the instrument at standard pitch.  A piano will go out of tune over a years time due to temperature and humidity swings. The wood in the piano expands and contracts when its moisture content changes with indoor humidity changes. Twice a year is recommended if the piano is in a church or used to give lessons.

There are times when a piano sits idle with no one playing them. It may be hard to justify the cost of tuning at those times. Still, if a piano is left for many years without tuning it may take several tunings to get it stabilized at concert pitch again.

Do you service electronic keyboards and organs?

Sorry I only tune and repair acoustic pianos.

For keyboards I refer customers to Keith Thomson (360) 856-2778.

For electronic organ tuning and repair call Don Assink (360) 354-5449.

Where is a good place to sell or purchase a used piano?

I recommend to look on or Facebook Marketplace.

Should I place my piano on an outside wall?

There was a time when this was more true than it is now. If you are living in a modern house with good insulation in the walls and vapor barrier, then it doesn't make much difference if the piano is placed on the outside wall. But if you place your piano on an outside wall sooner or later someone is going to tell you that you shouldn’t have it there. They are just repeating what their mother or grand mother used to say. But what was true back in the 1920's is not true now, unless you are living in a house that was made back then that hasn't been upgraded since.

Just remember, pianos don't like humidity and temperature changes. Placing a piano near a heat source or a south window where it bakes in the sun every day will do a lot more damage than the outside wall.

Why should I wait to get my piano tuned after its been moved into my home?

Each home can have a different humidity level. And because the soundboard of a piano is finished on both sides it takes 2 weeks (4 weeks if it has been in unheated storage) for it to fully adjust to the new humidity level. To have it tuned during this time makes the tuning unstable and most likely a call back for a retune.


Do you tune player pianos?

Yes I do tune player pianos. However I do not repair or rebuild the player mechanism. If you need repair to an upright player unit I recommend Harlin Kredit  (360) 354-5373. For grand players call Jeff Davis  (206) 763-0337 or go to